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Hello, dear friend, and welcome to Kingdom. Come with me, Andrew Nkoyoyo. Thank you for joining us. We are continuing this study of the Holy Spirit. We have covered five lessons so far. Today this is Part 6, entitled, God, the Holy Spirit.  Today we are going to explore the divinity of the Holy Spirit, the deity of the Holy Spirit. Is he God, or is He not? I believe by the time we’re done with this study today; we’re going to give you the scriptures that will inform you, will give you understanding and increase your knowledge so you can better relate and better pursue the friendship of the Holy Spirit. He is already with you, and you can pursue all that the Holy Spirit is, has and will do in you, for you and through you.

Let’s read Acts 19:1-2, our theme scripture for this study,

“While Apollos was in Corinth, Paul traveled through the interior regions until he reached Ephesus, on the coast, where he found several believers.[a]  “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” he asked them. “No,” they replied, “we haven’t even heard that there is a Holy Spirit.”

Dear friend, the same problem they had in Paul’s day exists today.  There are many people around the world who do not know that there is a Holy Spirit, and there are many believers who have not really experienced the Holy Spirit, the way the Bible teaches, and the way God intends for us to experience, the Holy Spirit. We want to cover several points and I’m going to share different ideas here with you today to vindicate the Holy Spirit. He IS God.   Let’s begin with Matthew 28:19-20, because within this verse is the foundation of all worship; of all honor, of all obedience to God.

This is called the Great Commission

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, in the name of the son, Jesus Christ and in the name of the Holy Spirit”

Here we see the Trinity involved and before we are done, I’m going to show you another area where the Trinity worked together. For everything that happens in your life, in our lives, or from creation till the return of Christ involves the trinity.

  1. It is the foundation of all worship, honor and obedience to God wrapped up in this very truth.

Jesus is telling us that as you go to preach and teach. It is heresy if I preach and teach just in the name of Jesus or, or in the name of the Father, or only in the name of the Holy Spirit. He says, as you go and teach baptize, bring people.  Do you remember in the last lesson we talked about the baptisms and one of them was that we are baptized into the body of Christ?

As we are baptizing them, as we are bringing people into the family of God, they make this public proclamation that they are followers of Jesus. He says that as you baptize them, bring them into my house, into my family, do it in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, because God is one in three persons.  This is evidence that the Holy Spirit is God and is treated in the same regard, respect and honor as the Father, and the Son. The verse goes on to say that I’m teaching them to obey everything I’ve commanded you. Surely, I am with you always, even to the very end of the age. Dear friend, this is the first truth. I believe the foundation of everything that we do as a New Testament church is the great commission, the reaching and the preaching of the gospel, and the baptizing people into the body of Christ in the name of the Father, Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

2. The Holy Spirit is expressly called God.

Acts 5:3-4 “Then Peter said, this is to Ananais. How is it that Satan has so fueled your heart, that you have lied to the Holy Spirit and have kept for yourself some of the money you received for the land? Did it belong to you before it was sold? And after it was sold, was not the money at your disposal. What made you think of doing such a thing? Now, here it is. You have not lied just to human beings, but to God.”

In this portion of scripture, we see that Peter is telling Ananais that he has lied to the Holy Spirit. Then he concludes by saying, you have lied to God. Why? Because the Holy Spirit is God, and do you remember what happened after that? Do you know the rest of the story?  Ananais died immediately after committing the sin of lying to God, more specifically lying to the Holy Spirit and God’s judgment was cast against that lie.

3. The Holy Spirit is called Lord.

 The name “Lord” is a name ascribed to a divine being.  He’s called Lord.

2 Corinthians 3:17-18 “Now the Lord is this spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.”

Do you want freedom in your life? He says, now the Lord is spirit. Jehovah is spirit. God who reveals Himself is spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. The spirit of the Lord is a title given to the Holy Spirit. I’m going to put it together for you to show you that all these relate to not only His person, but also His nature, His work and His divinity.

The Lord is spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. We all who with unveiled faces con contemplate the Lord’s glory are being transformed into his image with ever increasing glory, which comes again, here it is from the Lord who is the Spirit. Dear friend, this truth should settle any doubts that you may have in your mind about the Holy Spirit being Lord and being God and that we are being transformed. How is this transformation happening by the Lord? This Lord is the Spirit, the Transformer, the one who transforms us into the very image of Jesus is the Lord. And then by the spirit, Paul tells us that He is the one who transforms us.

Let’s look at a few verses in the Old Testament and the New Testament to show you this., Here is a promise that God made. Now, remember God oversaw the Old Testament church. When they wanted to talk to God, He would talk to them either through prophets or through judges or through priests and those who are appointed. The dispensations of the divinity, we had God, the Father, in charge of the Old Testament church. We have the dispensation of the son when Jesus came. He walked on the earth, the disciples talked with him, you know, and he went, they went to him for answers. And now we are in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit, meaning that it is the Holy Spirit now, who is on the earth. Like we have talked already when we talked about the Pentecost, when he came down and Jesus said, I’m going, but he’s going to come.

We are in that dispensation. If you haven’t read the other blogs preceding this one, one to five, please go back and read them because they give you context. These episodes build one on another and you have a better understanding.  God promised in Leviticus, I’m talking about God, the Father specifically. Keep this in mind that when we talk about God, we are talking about God, the Father, God, the Son and God, the Holy Spirit.

Leviticus, 26:11-12, (This is God the Father) “I’ll put my dwelling place among you. I’ll not abhor you. I’ll walk among you and be your God. And you’ll be my people.”

This is a promise that God, the Father makes in Leviticus.  Now let’s contrast that with and compare that with this scripture in the New Testament. We see the fulfillment of this in 2 Corinthians 6:16,

“What agreement is there between the temple of God and idols for? We are the temple of the living, God.   and as God has said, I’ll live with them and work among them and I’ll be their God. And they will be my people. “

How, and by whom is, is God doing that?

As 1 Corinthians 3:16-17, “Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?”

Again, we are talking about God and if anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person for God’s temple is sacred. You, he says, you are God’s temple because God’s Spirit lives in you. Do you see the, the contrast?  In the Old Testament, we see the promise that is now is being fulfilled because now it says now you are His temple. In the Old Testament,

Leviticus 26: 11 -12. I’ll put my dwelling among you. And I’ll not abhor you I’ll walk among you and be your God and you’ll be my people.”

Now it speaks of the fulfillment of this promise. We see it here in the New Testament, by God’s spirit who dwells in you and I right now, God makes his dwelling place in us. We are his temple. Why? Because God, the Spirit is in us

Let’s talk about how he led them in the wilderness

Deuteronomy 32: 12, “The Lord led them, no foreign God was with them.”

Again, we’re going to compare this with Isaiah 63: 14,

Like cattle that go down to the plain, they were given rest by the Spirit of the Lord.”

Remember He was leading in the beginning?  It says that God, the Lord, God led them. Now it says that they were given rest. You see God and then the Spirit. This is how He guided them, guided your people to make for yourself a glorious name. Let that sink in dear friend. When we see in the Old Testament, we see God, the Father, but then the fulfillment of that for us, New Testament believers, we see that the Holy Spirit now has come. Do you know why?

Because He’s God, and this is His dispensation of the Spirit. Let’s read here about when they sinned against God and see what happens.

Psalm 78 :17 -18 “ but they continue to sin against him. (Meaning God, the Father) rebelling in the wilderness against the Most High. They willfully put God to the test by demanding the food they craved.”

Again, we see that now in Isaiah 63: 10 – 11, listen to this. “They rebelled and grieved his Holy Spirit.”

Now, before he just said, God, now it goes to specific to show us that the Holy Spirit is God.

Isaiah 63: 10 – 11  “Yet they rebelled and grieved his Holy Spirit. So he turned and became their enemy and he himself fought against them. 11 Then his people recalled[a] the days of old, the days of Moses and his people— where is he who brought them through the sea, with the shepherd of his flock? Where is he who set his Holy Spirit among them”

See, they rebelled. And they vexed the Holy Spirit. Before they said they sinned against God.   I want to give you all these contexts for you to contrast and compare and see that the Holy Spirit is God.  All throughout scripture, He has been from the beginning, and He is, and He is to come.

  1. The Holy Spirit is called the eternal spirit.

Hebrews 9:14 “Just think how much more the blood of Christ will purify our consciousness from sinful deeds so that we can worship the living God for, by the power of the Eternal Spirit.”

Christ offered himself to God as a perfect sacrifice for our sins. It was through the eternal spirit. The Holy Spirit has many titles, and we will discuss that in a future blog.

Why is He the eternal spirit? It is because He brings us in, into the eternal life. He’s the one who convicts. He’s here to convict the world of sin of judgment and of righteousness. Really? No man ever got saved without the work of the Holy Spirit, whether we believe it or not, because it is the Holy Spirit who points as to Jesus.  Even those that don’t believe in the Holy Spirit, in His deity. It doesn’t matter if you are a believer, the Holy Spirit has opened your eyes and you have seen the need for Jesus and you have been convicted by your sin and have repented.

Why? Because this God has put eternity in our hearts. How He does that is through the work of the Eternal Spirit. This is crucial for you to get in your spirit. The more you understand this and not just the names and titles. While they are connected to what the Holy Spirit does, it through the Eternal Spirit. His eternality is an attribute ascribed only to deity; He has no end. He’s God, because He is the Eternal Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is eternal.

The same way the Father is eternal, the same way Jesus is eternal, the Holy Spirit is eternal, and we need to embrace His deity and to embrace His divinity. He is going to be with us always to the end.  He brings us into this eternal life, and He helps us to work on this path and prepares us for eternal life. The Holy Spirit is called the Eternal Spirit.

  1. The Holy Spirit is immense.

He’s omnipresent, He is everywhere.

In Psalms 139:7, the psalmist says, “I can never escape from your spirit. I can never get away from your presence.”

Why? Because He’s not only eternal, but He is immense as the Father is immense.

  1. The Holy Spirit is omnipotent.

In other words, he’s all powerful, almighty. We hear so throughout the scripture that the Bible talks about God, the Father, as the Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Almighty God made a covenant with Abraham.

He says, “I’ll be the almighty God”. That says Holy Spirit is almighty.  He’s all powerful. Those are not just titles but attributes that are only ascribed to divinity. I hope this is really helping you.

Micah 2:7 “You who are named the house of Jacob, is the spirit of the Lord restricted? Are these His doings? Do not my words do good to him who works uprightly?”

What I want to point out here is like Micah is saying, is the spirit of the Lord restricted? Is there a limit for Him? Can He be hindered? No, he’s not restricted. He’s not constrained.  He’s all powerful. He’s almighty. Those are really properties of deity.

The Holy Spirit creates.

Job 3:4, “the spirit of God has made me the breath of the Almighty. God gives me life.”

Now some may argue that’s only relating to his works.  Yes, but creation is the work of the divinity of God. Job says, “The Spirit of God made me the breath of the Almighty. God gives me life.” Why? Because the Spirit IS God. Dear Friend, I wish we had all the time to talk about the work of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament in creation. I could show you all throughout scripture that the Holy Spirit has been there from the beginning. Here is why, because God is three persons in one.  The more we understand this reality and this truth, the better we can really embrace what God is doing, who God is and experience all that He has for us. The Holy Spirit creates., I’ve seen many miracles and I’ve seen a lot of creative miracles. Those creative miracles happen when the Holy Spirit touches that person.

Why? Because the Holy Spirit, as we will learn that He’s the, manifester. He creates, He’s the manifester of the working of the Father. And He’s the manifester of the service of Jesus, what Jesus has paid for. He brings it into our physical world. There’s nothing that really happened without the Holy Spirit getting involved. Be it in creation or what is going to happen. Or even when Jesus comes. As a matter of fact, we see in Acts Jesus was received by the cloud, by the Holy Spirit. The same way He says, “you have seen me go, you’re going to see me come.” Who is going to bring Him back?  The Holy Spirit! Right now, the Holy Spirit is preparing you and me as the church for eternity, for that marriage supper of the lamb.

Dear friend, I’m passionate about you and me knowing the Holy Spirit.

Zechariah 4:6 “It’s not by might not by power. It is by my Spirit says the Lord.”

Write this down.  It is by the Spirit.  Anything and everything from beginning to end is not by might. It’s not by power. It is by the spirit.  Hallelujah.

  1. The Holy Spirit is prescience

In other words He’s all knowing.  He has knowledge of things before they exist or before they happen. He has full knowledge, foresight. That’s why, when you begin to flow in the gifts of the spirit, you may experience, the prophetic operations of the Holy Spirit in gifts of words of knowledge, words of wisdom. Words of wisdom talk about things that have not happened. Things that will happen in the future. This is because Holy Spirit is prescience. He knows all things that have happened, but He also knows things that are to come.

1 Corinthians 2:10-11, “But it was to us that God revealed these things by His Spirit, for His Spirit, searches out everything and shows us God’s deep secrets. No one can know a person’s thoughts except that person’s own spirit. And no one can know God’s thoughts except God’s own spirit. The Holy Spirit as it were, He searches your heart, and He searches the very heart of God.”

And when we talk about the very heart of God, we are talking about God, the Father, God, the Son. He searches the heart of God, the Father, the Son, and His heart for that matter. Then He begins to reveal what God has for you. Again, when we refer to God, let’s get comfortable with the idea of the Trinity or of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. I know, people understand God, the Father, but I want you to get comfortable with the idea of the Trinity. We have one God in three persons.

  1. The Holy Spirit is omniscient.

In other words, he has infinite knowledge.  He knows the future. He has also infinite knowledge of all things.  Remember 1 Corinthians 2:11 that He knows the thoughts of all, men and God.   I want to remind you of point eight.  Holy Spirit is prescience. He has knowledge of all things before they exist or happen, or for knowledge or foresight.

This is Acts 1:16 “Brothers, the scripture had to be fulfilled concerning Judas, who guided those who arrested Jesus.”

This was predicted long ago by the Holy Spirit. Speaking through king David, the Holy Spirit prophesied that Jesus would come, hundreds of years before Jesus would come, David prophesied this through the Spirit. The coming of the Messiah and his betrayal because the Holy Spirit knew the future.  He has knowledge of things before they happen.  That’s why when you flow in the gift of the word of knowledge, or the revelation gift of the word of knowledge, you begin to have knowledge of things to come by. Only Holy Spirit can give you or me revelation of things to come.

We have said Holy Spirit is prescience or He has knowledge of things before they exist or before they happen.

And number nine that the Holy Spirit is omniscient.  He is omniscient, He has infinite knowledge.

1 Corinthians 2:10 “But it was to us that God revealed the things by His Spirit, for His Spirit searches out everything and shows us God’s deep secrets. No one can know a person’s thoughts except that person’s own spirit. And no one can know God’s thoughts except God’s own spirit so He, the Spirit of God searches the heart of God.

What I mean by that is the Holy Spirit searches the heart of the Father, the heart of Jesus and then He makes it known to you and me those things that are in the heart of our Father, in the heart of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  the Holy Spirit takes it because he has all knowledge.  Omniscience is only an attribute of a divine being.

Before I finish this, I want to talk to you quickly about as we put this together, the role of the Trinity, the operations of the Trinity, so to speak.

1 Corinthians 12:4-6 “But there are different kinds of gifts. but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord now, Lord, meaning Jesus Christ. And there are different kinds of working all operations, but in all of them and in everyone, it is the same God at work, meaning God, the Father.”

Here we see the working of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit distributes.  Jesus serves and gives us access to the grace, the mercy, the gifts of God. The Father is the architect of all things. Here we see the Trinity involved differently. There is nothing that has happened or that ever will happen that the Trinity hasn’t worked together on. They all work together. They have already played a part. The Father, the architect has played his part. Jesus has played his part. Now the Holy Spirit is bringing all these things to glorious completion on the earth, and then preparing us for all eternity. Hallelujah. I want you to put that in your spirit.

  1. All blessings flow from a triune God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

2 Corinthians13:14, (MSG) “The amazing grace of the Lord, Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, the Father and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”

Again, we see the operations of the Trinity and we see how in this benediction. Jesus saves you. The Father loves you. These are like the primary role that they play. and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with you. We see that in this benediction, in this blessing, we see Paul acknowledging the involvement of the entire trinity. I want to emphasize that it is always Father, son and the Holy Spirit. We know that Jesus, his role in the Trinity, He’s the savior. He saves us. The father loves us. He is the architect that He saw us in our fallen nature. And He sent his son to die in our name and in our place. The Holy Spirit is the one that brings us into the communion. The Holy Spirit is with us, the fellowship, the friendship, the partnership, the comradeship.

In other words, Jesus said, “I’m going, but I’m not going to leave you alone.” I’m going to send another Comforter. He’s going to be with you. He’s the Spirit of Truth. He’s going to lead you in all things. He’s going to be in you with you and upon you. The upon part is the power that the Holy Spirit will impart to all of us that are believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!

Dear friend. This is your time to know what you believe about God because reading this blog shifts your worldview, shifts your kingdom view. It determines how you respond to God. I believe that as you go with me through this study, that your confidence, your knowledge and understanding of God is becoming clearer in this area. Many people have shied away from the Holy Spirit because they don’t want to offend the father. They don’t want offend Jesus. I’m telling you nothing will make Jesus and the Father gladder than for you to receive the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said, “I’m going and I’m going to let him come. And when He comes, He’s going to be to you what I have been to you. The disciples communicated with Jesus when He walked the earth, now the Holy Spirit is going to come and He’s going to continue that work.  Dear friend, God loves you. And he wants you to be full of the Holy Spirit., I want to invite you. You are watching and you don’t have a relationship with Jesus. I want to invite you today to make Jesus, your Lord and Savior. Brother, I’ve read or heard the message and I want to have a relationship with God.

Pray this prayer with me.

Heavenly Father, I believe in your son, Jesus, and all that He did in my name and in my place. I confess that I’ve fallen short of your glory, and I need a Savior. Jesus, come into my heart. Wash me with your blood. Write my name in the book of life and fill me with your Holy Spirit and empower me to do your will until you return. I confessed today that I am yours, I am saved. Amen.

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