Hello, dear friend, welcome to the broadcast. I’m Andrew Nkoyoyo and I’m glad you’re turning in to kingdom Come with me. Today we are going to unpack something that is very near and dear God’s heart and to my heart. In the last broadcast, we talked about the love of God, experiencing the love of God. For those of you that haven’t watched it, you can view it on our platforms, on for our podcast and radio audience, and is on our, connected TV platforms. Today I want to invite you to join me for this inspiring yet life changing message on the love of the Spirit. When we talk about God, most of the time, we think of the love of God, the Father, and sometimes the love of Jesus, but we don’t really think about the love of the Spirit for you and I.

Today I was impressed by the holy Spirit to come and talk to you about the love of the Spirit. In our next broadcast, we’ll talk about the love of Christ. What is this love of the Spirit? First let’s go back to when we talk about the love of God, what are we talking about? We are talking about the love of God. Remember, God is a triune God. When we talk about love of God, we are referring to the love of God, the Father. or the love of God the Son, or the love God of God, the Spirit. We do not talk much about the love of the Spirit, I felt like it is time to highlight that part of God’s love for you and me. When we do it brings us into a deeper experience a deeper reality and appreciation and intimacy with the Holy Spirit, by the way, who imparts supplies, releases, manifests, demonstrates love of God in our experiential, tangible everyday life.

1 John 4;16, I’m reading from the Living Bible.

“God is love. And anyone who lives in love is living with God and God living in him”

Now God is love. God, the Father is love God., the son is love. That’s why Jesus could lay down his life for you and me. God, the spirit is love. That’s why the Holy Spirit left heaven to come in this dispensation in this time to be in you. That takes us into the next promise. The next scripture. Dear friend, you have to put this in your spirit because when I discovered this love of, of the spirit for me, it changed everything about my relationship. not only with God, the Father or God, the Son, but also God, the Spirit. I knew then that the Holy Spirit is not just here out of duty or out of obligation and out of the answer to the prayer of Jesus, to come and be my comforter, but actually as a member of the Godhead.

The Holy Spirit loves you. Let that sink in. The Holy Spirit loves you, the same way the Father loves you, the same way. Jesus loves you. That’s why the Holy Spirit is so relentless in his love. He’s so consistent in his love in convicting us, in leading us, directing us and pursuing us to bring us to the, that true intimacy with God. Again, when I say God, I’m referring to God, the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, the Trinity, the triune God,.

Jesus said this in John 4:15-17,” if you love me, keep my commandments and I will pray the father. And he’ll give you another helper”.

The King James says, “another comforter that He may abide with you forever.” Now this person, this lover, God, the Spirit Jesus says, “He’s going to abide with you forever. “

Now Jesus is not here right now. He Is in heaven at the right hand of the Father, Yet He is here, stay with me, through the presence, the person and the power of the Holy Spirit. It is crucial for you and I to understand this love of the one that is here with us. Jesus said that He will be with you forever.

Verse 17. He says “”the spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive because it neither sees him nor knows him, but you know him because He dwells with you and He will be in you.”

When the Holy Spirit comes, divine lover of you and me, when He comes, He says, ‘He’s going to dwell in you and He’s going to dwell with you.” What I want to bring deep into your spirit man, is the fact that the holy Spirit is not just here because Jesus prayed to the Father. and the Father said, ” Now, Holy Spirit. Now go be with them”.

Now He can because it is as a member of the Trinity, he shares the same attributes with God, the Father and the Son as love. Amen. When you understand that, then your relationship with the holy Spirit is going to be elevated because now, you know, there is this person who came forever to be with you in you and with you and upon you, that is the anointing part. That is the empowering part. He is going to be in your life because He loves you. Yes, it’s because the Father sent Him and Jesus prayed the Father and the Father said, ” Holy Spirit.  As the member of the Godhead, He shares, and imparts the same reality of the love of the Father and of Jesus. And He is love.

I want you to put that in your spirit. The Spirit of God is the Spirit of love. He’s not only the Spirit of power, the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Revelation. I mean, He IS all these titles but also the Spirit of Love because He is love. Also, He works the ministry, the administration of not only His own love for you but also the love of the Father and the love of Jesus Christ. Dear friend, there is nothing that you and I are going to accomplish in this world, in this life, without the deep working of God, the spirit. But when we know that that work is going to be realized, because now we are being saturated, grounded in the love of God, the spirit who is love, I’m going to show you here in our next scripture, that the Spirit of God is the one who’s going to work this love.

As a result, there is a reciprocity that you loving God, the Father, and you loving the world, you loving yourself and also the world around you is because of God, the Spirit. Romans 15:30 says, Paul says, “I urge your brothers and sisters by our Lord Jesus Christ. And by the love of the spirit to join me in my struggle, by praying to God for me,.”

Here, Paul was reaching out to the Romans for prayer, the body of Christ in that time for prayer and for intercession on his behalf, it was going to take the love of the Spirit in their hearts. Now, remember the Spirit of God loves you. The same way the Father, and the Son love you. The spirit of God works that love in you. He works the love through you. The believers in Rome, to be able to intercede, I’m talking about fervent effectual, fervent prayer that avails much is the prayer that the Holy Spirit will orchestrate, that the Holy Spirit will lead and guide that the Holy Spirit will empower.

All that is coming and flowing out of the place of love. Not only just your natural love, because within you, we humans, we are selfish by nature until the hand of God touches us. Hallelujah. Paul tells us here that it’s going to be by the love of the Spirit, the love of the Spirit. The spirit loves Paul. Now watch this. The spirit loved Paul and the spirit is going to empower the believers in Rome to go into deep effectual, fervent prayer because of the love that it has for Paul, that He is imparting to them and releasing through them, through their prayers, through their fasting and through their, intercession before the throne of grace.

Amen? Dear friend, that’s why intercession is not just an act of will. It takes the Spirit. The Bible also calls him the Spirit of grace and supplication. It takes the spirit, but what I want you to really get hold of in this, episode is the fact that the Spirit of God who is love, He loves you. He also loves the people that He’s calling you to. He loves your family. He loves your marriage. He loves your children. He loves the people around you. I remember, you know, when I first got married, and, for those of you that are married, what I’m talking about. The two people becoming one. It was a little tough for the first year. I remember one day in my office, Holy Spirit sat me down and he told me what I needed to be for my new bride. He knows who she is and what she is and what she needs. and knows me and how I’m wired and everything. He tells me, out of love, this is what you need to be for you, for your wife. When listened to the Spirit of God, everything changed. Everything changed instantly because the love of the Spirit for my wife was there and the love for me. And he was there to administer. Now, all he was looking for a vessel that was open, that was obedient. that was, yielded, that was willing to hear and obey. Dear friend, this is crucial for you and I to understand if we are going to love ourselves, right? And we are going to love others around us. We are going to love the world around us. And we are to really be that tangible, visible expression of God’s love.

We need to understand that God, the Father loves us. God, the Son loves us. We’ll talk about that next time. But God, the Spirit also loves us. It is the work of God the Spirit who takes the love of the Father and the love of Jesus and makes it real, He makes it tangible. He brings it from this spiritual thing, to being an actual experience., Something that we experience that all selfishness is consumed, dissolved and melted by the Spirit of God who is love. And who’s the spirit of love, and. He works that love within us. Suddenly we can love the people we didn’t use to care for. I know I’ve been in places when God has told me to go preach and to go to countries, Muslim countries and different people, groups.

Some I never even cared about some it’s like, we have nothing in common. I don’t speak the language. I mean, I don’t like it, but suddenly this word comes and, it comes with the love. The Spirit of God takes His love, the love of the Father, love of the Son. Then He begins to melt all this selfishness. He begins to tenderize, if you please, your heart. Immediately, this callous heart that has been, kind of offended and, really closed off to a lot of things, immediately you have opened to the reality of God. Your eyes are opened and your heart breaks for what God, what really breaks God’s Then suddenly, you find yourself on your knees, weeping for the people and asking God to give you the nations, to give you those people, groups, to give you that community, to, for that neighbor, for that person, for that marriage be healed.

This does not happen because you are a good person. It’s because the love of God is changing and transforming your life. And that is by the love of the Spirit. God, the Spirit different. Oh, how I have come to know this love and every day, how I long for this love for the spirit of God to work this love within me. But first I told you, when I started out back in 84, a year later as a new believer and the Holy Spirit began to talk to me about Himself. This was the first time I ever heard anybody preach about this. and I’ve never since had anybody talk about the love of the Spirit that the Spirit loves you, but God began to preach God. The spirit of God began to preach Himself to me.

He began to tell me how much He loved me and delighted in me and how He longs for me and, really shifted my thinking because yes, I knew the love of God and that Jesus loves me. He died for me, but I never really, you know, connected to the Holy Spirit that way until that day. When that day happened, everything changed because then I began on to receive His love. I began to open myself knowing I’m not just crying out for the Holy Spirit to come. He’s in me and with me and upon me, but above all, he cares for me. He loves me. He cares about what happens to me, what happens through me. He cares about every little bit and dear friend, from that point, my relationship changed. And, and so I’m going to give you some ways you can develop this relationship before, bee I’m done here., But I want to drive this, truth in Galatians first.,

Let’s read Romans 5:5, “that we are able to hold our heads high, no matter what happens and know that all is well for we know how dearly God loves us.”

Now, when we talk about God, we are talking about God, the Father, Son, Holy Spirit. And we feel this warmth of His love everywhere. We can tangibly physically feel the warmth. The love. You may not feel it all the time, but you can. I have felt it more times than I can care to count. We can feel it within us because God has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with His love. Dear friend, God is love, God, the Father’, Son, Holy Spirit, the three are one God is love and the Spirit of God is here to bring you to another level of intimacy with the Father, Son, Holy Spirit. And He’s here to bring you into another level, another dimension where you really know the love of God, not only intellectually, but experientially, tangibly. To know that love coming from deep within, and then that’s going to intensify your relationship, your dependence, your trust and faith. Not only God, the Father and the Son, but also in the holy Spirit. This changed my life, dear friend,.

Let’s read Galatians 5:22 -23, it says, “but the fruit of the spirit is love.”

Why? Because He’ IS the spirit of, of love. And some other commentators have said that all the other really fruits of the spirit, there are only the results of love – joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness. self-control. He says against such, there is no law. Dear friend, when we get immersed, when we get married to the Holy Spirit, He marries us to the Father and to Jesus. Dear friend, I love this. I preach the message entitled, “MARRY ME.”. In addition, I go into it in great detail in my book, Catch and Release God’s Supernatural. , Chapter 16  The Intimacy with God Key.

How do we come to that place of divine connection?

We need to know the love of the Spirit. We need to know God, the Spirit as God of love and God who loves us the same way, the Father and the same way the Son loves us. When we do, dear friend, it brings us into a new reality of relationship, a new reality of expectation and faith. It brings us into a new reality of understanding, but also of action. Knowing that now, as we are stepping out, we are stepping out knowing that the Father has done everything he could to bring us back to himself. Jesus has paid the price, that we can have access. Now we embrace, the reality of God, the Spirit who brings us, who puts it all together, so to speak. And he brings us into the experience. The reality of all that Jesus has paid the price for in our name and in our place. How are we going to experience this? Love, the love, this love of the Spirit? There are just many ways, but I’m gonna give you a few here.

First off you must surrender. You must live a life of surrender, surrender to the spirit. Romans 6:13 tells us to surrender, to yield and a surrender to the Lord. Surrender means you just put yourself at one’s disposal, just put yourself at the disposal of God, the Spirit. Do you want to know His love? Do. you want to know his power.? Do you want to know all that He has? Just surrender. See, that’s one really the first step to this intimacy, to intensifying intimacy with the Spirit, Put yourself at his disposal, without question, without reservation, without condition whatsoever.

Secondly, commune with the Spirit in prayer. Most of us when we go to prayer is like a one way in, in a conversation. But maybe you are, maybe you haven’t. But if you haven’t, I just encourage you to start this your time conversing with the Holy spirit. Communing, not necessarily, putting out petitions, not yet, but just communing asking, inviting Him into that time of devotion or prayer or whatever it is. You might be driving, you might be walking, you might be exercising. You might be out there on the golf course. You might be doing whatever you love to do. It doesn’t matter. You can constantly be in communion with the Holy Spirit. And as you commune your relationship intensifies. Now remember you are in a love relationship, the same way you are in love relationship with the Father, the Son, and You are in a love relationship with the Holy Spirit. Number three, commune with the Spirit in the Word. Invite him to teach you, invite him to, to preach the Word to you, to unveil the Word of God, to, to unpack it for you. I know, I mean, many times they are complex scriptures. I didn’t understand. I had questions and it’s when I learned to sit at the feet of the Spirit of God and He began to talk, but then I had to learn to shut up and listen.

Number four is don’t grieve the Holy Spirit

Number five is Don’t quench the Spirit. I’m not going to dwell on those. I talk in depth in my book, Catch and Release God’s Supernatural. on all the things that hinder the Holy Spirit, but also the things that attract him. Remember, this is a love relationship. You want to remove, grieving the holy spirit, doing things that hurt Him. putting Him off. You want this love relationship to grow, this intimacy to thrive. You have to do things that delight Him. And when he convicts you of something, don’t put it off, but do it immediately! Have immediate obedience.!

Number six, listen and watch, listen to the Holy Spirit and watch for what the Holy Spirit is doing. Watch for what the holy Spirit is showing you. It might be something, for many, many years. I used to ignore my dreams. And then I found out 99 percent of my dreams would come true. Some will be good; some will be bad. Then I realized that was one way, the Holy Spirit talks to me, like I teach again on the language of the Holy Spirit, and how to hear God’s voice, all these are just languages. Sometimes you many get an impression, see something, some people see visions, others dreams, but you have to pay attention to those things. Cause if you ignore them and neglect them, you’re not going to be a good steward. Here we are stewarding this love. We are stewarding this relationship the same way we are cultivating and stewarding this relationship with a Father and with, the Son., Jesus Christ, the same way we are doing it with the Holy Spirit., Knowing that the Holy Spirit knows how to meet, the demands and the conditions of the scriptures of, of all the things that God desires and requires of us. He knows what He takes. If we can receive His love, rest in His love and trust that He loves us enough to lead us. Jesus tells us in His Word, “He leads you into all truth.”.

Number seven, OBEY. When he tells you something, BE OBEDIENT, do it immediately.

Number eight, Love the Spirit. Love Him. It’s like any other relationship when you love that person, show them, you love him. Tell him you love him. And then that love is going to be reciprocated.

Dear friend. I hope this message has blessed you before we close this broadcast. I want to invite you, any of those don’t have a relationship with Jesus. Do you want to experience this love? I want to read you a scripture and then I want to pray with you

Romans 10:9-10, He says, b “If you confess with your mouth, that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart. that God raised him from the dead. You’ll be saved.”

It’s that simple for, with the heart. One believes and is justified. And with the mouth one confesses and is saved. Dear friend. It is as simple as that. You believe in your heart, and you confess with your mouth. If you’re ready to take that step today, pray this prayer with me. Say,

Dear Lord, Jesus. I confess that I am a sinner and I need a savior. Come into my life. Be my Lord, be my savior. I confess with my mouth that I’m saved that I am yours from this day forth. And I believe in your in my heart that God rose you from the dead. Thank you, Jesus, for being my Lord and my savior. Amen.

Dear friend, if you pray that prayer, Jesus has come into your life, find a Bible, -believing church and get plugged in. I would love to hear from you go to our website. Write to me all, write to the address on your screen. And for those of you that need prayer, send us your prayer request for, our podcast and our radio listeners. It is kingdom impact requests. We’d love to partner with you in prayer and believe for a miracle for you. May God bless you and will see you next time.

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