Keys to Operating in God’s Miracles, Healing, and Power BY DR. ANDREW NKOYOYO


Catch and Release God’s Supernatural Ebook-Digital Download

Imagine what it would be like to pray for miracles and see them happen right in front of you …

A lot has been said about miracles, but unfortunately, not much has been done to support the possibility, that is, until now … In Catch & Release God’s Supernatural, author Andrew Nkoyoyo proves that they still exist. As he shares true stories of miracles he’s experienced both personally and in ministry, he’ll take you by the hand to teach you how you too can operate in the same power. Regardless of your spiritual maturity or call, even if you’re a new believer with no prior experience in God’s supernatural, God has given you the keys to access heaven. So within these pages, Andrew will:

  • Show you how the power of God will make a shift in your life
  • Reveal the simple yet powerful kingdom keys, secrets, and methods needed to release God’s supernatural
  • Guide you step by step on how to apply each kingdom key in your life

Even before you finish reading this book, your confidence in God’s ability to use you will increase, and the wall of impossibilities will come tumbling down. Simply open the cover, start reading, and then get ready to catch and release the supernatural power of God!



“It’s truly a believer’s handbook and gateway to a life of unending miracles, signs, and wonders. I highly recommend this book.”

– Dr. Francis Myles

Host, It’s Supernatural!
“If you want to be activated in the supernatural, take hold of these biblically based keys to releasing God’s power into your life and put the Word of God into practice.”

– Dr. Ché Ahn

Founder and President, Harvest International Ministry Founding and Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church, International Chancellor, Wagner University Founder, Ché Ahn Ministries
“If you only catch God’s power, you will do the same works as Jesus! As you read this book, the same presence of God on Jesus will come upon you!

– Sid Roth

Host, It’s Supernatural!

About the Author

Dr. Andrew Nkoyoyo is the founder and president of the Kingdom Impact Ministry. He is a revivalist, international speaker, TV host, apostolic/prophetic minister, author of Working The Works of God and missionary from Uganda, East Africa to the United States of America. . He demonstrates a powerful anointing that has brought many people to salvation, healing, deliverance, and enabled them to engage in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. He trains, mentors, and equips the body of Christ to walk in the highest realms of God’s supernatural power and glory. Andrew has shared miracle healing and revival stories on Sid Roth’s television program It’s Supernatural. He has also shared the platform with speakers and Christian recording artists such as The Newsboys, For King and Country, Nick Vujicic, Jaci Velasquez, Sidewalk Prophets, Kutless, The Afters, Uncle Reese, and many more.


“The apostolic call and mission of the first-century church and our mission and call today are to understand, teach, and release the mysteries of God. These mysteries include, but are not limited to the revelation that we are no longer to see ourselves as Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female in Christ, but we are one new man in the earth. Another deeply important revelation that must be released is the availability to manifest the supernatural in and through our lives…not through superstar ministers, but via all members of the body of Christ. Dr. Nkoyoyo’s latest work will lead you into new dimensions of the mysteries of God and the release of the supernatural in your life.”


– Dr. Stan DeKoven

Founder and President, Vision International University

“The ‘keys’ presented in this book mark out a sure path to a treasure of indescribable worth. From his radical pursuit of Christ as a young teen, and on through a lifetime of ministry in the miraculous, Andrew is a kingdom general who has paid the price and is now offering to lead you, too, into realms of God’s manifest glory. God’s Spirit desires to ‘confirm the Word with signs following.’ Apply the practical guidelines in this book and step into a whole new dimension of God’s awesome power to heal, deliver, and save!”


– Dr. Leanna Cinquanta

President, WIN and WIN Life

“These kingdom power secrets are secrets God wants everyone to know! Brother Andrew explains them in such an understandable way as he teaches us how anyone can use them. This book is SO vital for today’s believers. With all that is happening in the world today, you need this book. I highly recommend Catch and Release the Supernatural to all who desire the manifested power of God in their daily life!”


– Tod Trutt

Senior Pastor, Life Church

“Catch and Release the Supernatural overflows with the anointing power of God. If you want to touch people with supernatural healing and deliverance, read this book. It will transform your life and the lives of others!”


– Mary Nahas

Author, The Heroic Journey of Private Galione

“You are called to be a minister. You may be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, or a farm worker—but your main calling is that of a minister of God. You are called to minister in your sphere of influence. This book will help you accomplish this divine destiny with the supernatural demonstration of the power of God.”


– Rev Argis Hulsey and Patricia Hulsey, Ph.D

Founders, Harvestime International Network

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