Want To Know The Power of God In The Blood and Spirit For Miracles?

by | Jun 10, 2021

Want To Know The Power of God In The Blood and Spirit For Miracles?

Watch Dr. Andrew Nkoyoyo’s Interview on TCT Christian Television Show Prayer On Purpose


Want To Know The Power of God In The Blood and Spirit For Miracles?


– [Host] I believe now we have our guest today back on the line with us. Dr. Andrew Nkoyoyo, how are you doing today?

– [Dr. Andrew] I’m doing wonderful. Thank you for having me today.

– Yes, thank you so much for being with us. And I have a copy of your book, “Catch and Release God’s Supernatural: Keys to Operating in God’s Miracles, Healing, and Power.” And share with us a little bit about what led you to write this book and what you want people to get out of it.

– Well, many people have come to me, in my travels in Africa, mostly, and in Europe and across America as I travel in churches and do crusades, and conferences, and camp meetings, and seminars, people always ask me, what’s the key to walking in the power of God?

Can just a regular person, a regular, you know, believer, you know, be able to walk in miracles, signs and wonders? And so, after encountering so many believers around the world who are hungry for the power of God, but it seemed as if the power of God is a monopoly of ministers, and it’s not, so out of that need that I see in the body of Christ, the Holy Spirit really put it on my heart to equip people.

Because when I started out, I was just a regular, you know, teenager, you know, at 14 years old, with a hunger, in Uganda, to help people around me, to be able to pray for the sick and see them heal, to deliver those who are tormented by the enemy. And so I looked in the scriptures and I found out that, you know, the power of God is available to everyone, but it wasn’t so easy for me, you know, to tap into it.

So I set out on a journey to find out how can a New Testament believer, just like me, you know, loving Jesus, be able to plug into this power and be able to walk in it? And so, as I share in my book, my journey, after, you know, discovering that, actually, the key is knowing…first of all, that’s why the book is Catch, you got to catch it, you got to get it.

Once I made peace with it’s God’s will for me to be anointed, to walk in the power of God, and it’s God’s will for every believer who names the name of the Lord to walk in the power of God, once I caught that, then the rest was easy, like I’ll share with you today, and as I share in the book. So that’s why I wrote this book.

I want to help people, you know, ministers, lay persons, to show them the keys that helped me to go from a struggling, you know, mediocre Christian life at age 14, and at age 15, I witnessed my first miracle, you know, in the marketplace. And after that, you know, I didn’t set out to launch into a miracle healing ministry, but miracles were happening.

So why stop? And so I continued to do what I was doing and we began to see miracles, signs, and wonders everywhere we went. And that was the beginning of my ministry at age 15. And so if I can do it, so can anybody do it who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ.

So that is my goal, that is my desire, you know, to help those who are hungry, who want to tap into God’s supernatural. It’s available, it is possible. And if God can, you know, use somebody like me, indeed, He can use anybody else who will look to Him for it. So that’s why I wrote this book.

– Wow. And you’re a missionary to America. And oftentimes in America, we can be proud of the history that we have of sending missionaries around the world, of spreading the gospel. But we often don’t realize that we need to be spreading the word right here in our own country and that people like yourself are coming and being missionaries to this land.

And for myself, when I’ve traveled to Africa and different parts of Asia and overseas, it seems like some of the things you’re describing of God’s supernatural power are just more active. It seems like things are happening more, and I don’t think that’s because God is more active Himself in those places than here, but I think it’s more about us.

So talk a little bit about your ministry for America and how maybe Americans that haven’t been operating in God’s supernatural power, that haven’t seen these miracles, and signs, and wonders, that they can start experiencing that in their own life.

– Yes. So in ’99, when God first called me to America, I was so surprised. I was ministering in England, you know, and the Holy Spirit said to me…you know, I was staying with a pastor in London, getting ready to finish a conference, and the Holy Spirit, said to me, “When you’re done here, I want you to go to America.” And it was a surprise.

And my first reaction was, “They don’t need me in America.” And one of the pastors we were praying with at the pastor’s house turned to me and began to prophesy that God is sending you to America, so I had no excuse. And after that, you know, at the conference, another traveling minister came and saw me there, and lo and behold, long story short, they invited me to come to America.

So that was God’s confirmation. I didn’t leave Africa to come to America, I was doing a mission in England and other parts of Europe. And God told me, “You need to go to America.” Now, when God told me about America, I asked, “Why? Why America?”

And He said, “You know, I have equipped you to help bring revival in Uganda.” I was part of a team of leaders at the forefront of bringing revival in my native Uganda, which has also been documented by Sentinel Group about the transforming power and the move of God. And God said to me, you know, “What you’ve done in Uganda, I want you to come and do in America.”

And that is basically calling the church. You know, first, we got to call the church to prayer, calling the church to repentance, calling the church to fulfill 2 Chronicles 7:14, you know, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray…” You know, we got to call the church back to prayer, and back to holiness, and repent and turn from the wicked ways.

And God says then He’s going to come and is going to heal the land. So I believe that’s what God has called me to be a part of here in America. And so when He told me to come here, I believe He wants to awaken the church. Because the church is the one that is going to bring about the transformation of society, as the church is walking in power, as the church is walking in authority, and is accessing all that heaven has, you know, to bring, really, the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of God to land on the earth and transform the kingdoms of this world, to become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ.

And so that is really the summary of what my mission in America is. You know, whether, I do a crusade, when I go to a rally, whether I go to a church, my desire is to impart the faith and the hunger for prayer, for revival, for really seeking God, and then being able to walk in the power that God has already given us, then to become transformers.

And then once we, you know, get this power, we don’t keep it, you know, to ourselves, we reproduce ourselves, we impart it to others, and we encourage others, we mobilize the church. And, therefore, you know, we go from, you know, just a few people who are walking in the power of God. Like we saw in Uganda, it was no longer just, you know, one person or one pastor who’s anointed, you know, the saints are mobilized because now everybody’s walking in the power of God.

And then what you have is a spiritual awakening, is an explosion of God’s goodness and power manifesting. And I believe that’s what God wants for America. And in tough times like this, this is a great time to really be able to look to God, to be seeking God and to be praying.

You know, I thank God for, you know, your program because you are focusing on prayer. And I believe, you know, that’s one of the things that I…it was my culture shock when I came to America. Actually, I saw there was many things going on, but there was less prayer. And I wondered, “How is the church being able to do this much, you know, with this little prayer?”

And I don’t say that in a critical way, it’s a reality. And it was my culture shock, because, you know, I led prayer in Uganda, you know, from 6:00 in the evening to 6:00 in the morning. We did all-night prayers every Friday.

I did that for seven years before the revival and the transformation broke out. And so I believe, you know, that when America turns back to God, you know, in prayer, in seeking the face of God, not only the hand of God because the hand of God is not very far where the face of God is. And so that’s really what I believe God is calling, you know, me and many others and the body of Christ to arise to bring people back to Him in terms of prayer and holiness and, you know, absolute surrender to God.

– Wow. And you talked about awakening the church. And as you talk about even how prayer is handled in the church here in America and how it’s maybe lacking compared to other areas of the world and how the church is operating, to get back to your book on God’s supernatural power, I think many times people say things like, “Well, miracles happened in the Bible days, but they’re not for today,” or, “Yes, I’ve heard of miracles happening. That’s for someone else or someplace else, or maybe certain people that are gifted in that may see miracles.”

But talk to us about God’s power being really for every believer, for every Christian, and how we can access that in our life.

– Wonderful. Now, that is really a huge miss, I believe, in the body of Christ, thinking, you know, that the power of God is the monopoly of just a few. You know, when we received Christ, you know, we received the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit, who is the miracle worker, like I teach, I show people in the book, the Holy Spirit is the miracle work.

You have got…Christ is in you, Christ the healer, the savior, the deliverer, everything that you can think of, that Christ is already in us. And the Holy Spirit, the one who brings the life, and the power, and the ministry of Christ to bear on earth as it is in heaven, guess what, is already here, is already in us. Sometimes we hear these songs, “Come Holy Spirit” is a good song, but really, theologically, the Holy Spirit is not out there traveling to come to touch us, is already here.

You see, once we begin to realize that is already here is not trying to leave heaven now to come touch us, is in us, with us, and upon us, that’s what Jesus taught. And so when I discovered that there are keys, there are ways to trigger this power, you know, that the Holy…everybody has got the Holy Spirit.

Miracles still happen. You know, I’ve seen them since I was age 15. But the key is, we have to know what are those keys that unlock the power of God. You know, and then we need to go back to the basics of understanding, let’s say, the blood of Christ, because the blood of Christ is one of the master key, I call it the master key, that unlocks heaven.

You know, every time I have needed a touch, I’ve encountered a warlock or a satanist, or something impossible, the blood of Christ has unlocked heaven for me. And that blood is available to everybody. So we just have to know what are these keys and how to use them.

And, of course, there’s more than one, so we don’t have the time to go through all of them. But let’s say, you know, the blood of Jesus, when my liver was failing, literally, you know, and I talk about that in the book, when my liver was failing, and I called the doctors and they said, “There’s nothing we can do for you,” the Holy Spirit pointed me back to the blood.

And he said, “Andrew, don’t pray for healing.” You see, sometimes we are praying for healing when we are supposed to, you know, receive a creative miracle. And He said, “As you come, you know, come through the blood and receive a new liver.” You see, anybody can receive creative miracles, any believer, for that matter, if they will believe, you know, in the blood of Jesus.

We just have to know how to use the blood. You know, the Bible tells us in Hebrews 10:19 and 20, and Hebrews 4:16, it talks about the access we have to heaven. Everybody who’s a believer has access. See, this is what I discovered at age 15. And I went back to the marketplace where I’d preached and people were, you know, throwing stones at me, tomatoes and food at me, and they didn’t believe, I went back knowing the keys of the kingdom.

Nobody prayed for me, you know, nobody really laid hands on me. I didn’t receive some impartation from anybody. I just use the keys. And I preached the same message I had preached before, and I released the power of God through the blood of Christ.

Guess what? The blind beggar, the famous blind beggar in the city center, God healed him. And after that, everything, like they say, was history. All of a sudden, people who didn’t want to pay attention to me, they were paying attention to me. I’m just a teenager, 15 years old, preaching through a cardboard speaker. Okay? I didn’t have the equipments or anything.

Speaking through a cardboard speaker, all of a sudden, I have the attention of these thousands of people now because I’ve tapped into something that everybody wants to tap into, and is bringing heaven to earth. So that’s one way to access, you know, heaven on earth, the supernatural. Let’s get to unlock the power of the blood.

Let me give you another way to unlock, and I teach you all that in the book, is the power of the Holy Spirit. You know, 1 John Chapter 5:7-8 says there are three witnesses on the earth: the blood, the Spirit, and the water.

You see, the blood of Jesus, and the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the miracle worker, and the water, the water is the word, they work together. The Bible says those three agree as one. They are witnesses here and now. Anybody can have the witness of the blood, the water, and the Spirit. But first, we have to catch it, we have to get it.

And once we get it, then we got to know, “Okay, how do I unlock the power of the word? How do I unlock the power of the blood and the power of the Spirit?” And guess what? Where the blood of Jesus is used, because the Spirit and the water come in agreement with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God moves.

And that’s why I believe if the church…you know, anybody who dare use the blood of Christ is going to see miracles, signs, and wonders. You know why? Because there are three witnesses, and they agree as one. Now, when we use the blood of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, even before you ask him, the Holy Spirit witnesses to the working of the blood and what the blood of Christ has done.

You see, that is one of the many keys that I discovered, you know, early on, and they have served me well, you know, in crusades, in places where they told me no preachers ever preached, every preacher who was going to that village died because there’s so much demonic activity.

And I am still here because I discovered the power of the blood. When the blood of Jesus is mentioned, is used, is sung, like I teach in this book and show people examples and how to do it, every key, then we unlock heaven. We don’t have to fast and pray.

It’s good. You can fast and pray. I live a fasting lifestyle. But you know what? God doesn’t use me because of my, you know, too much fasting, He uses me because I have tapped into the keys of the kingdom and I believe that when I speak, something is going to happen. And so my desire is that everybody who reads this book gets a hold of that. And I make it simple.

If God can do it for me, He can do it for anybody, but we have to believe, and then we have to use it.

– Wow, that’s powerful. Andrew, thank you so much for that. And I do want to ask you pray for everyone that’s watching. But for those that want to get the book, it’s “Catch and Release God’s Supernatural: Keys to Operating in God’s Miracles, Healing, and Power” by Dr. Andrew M. Nkoyoyo, and the website is kingdomimpactministry.org.

Would you pray for everyone watching today?

– Sure. Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, we apply your precious blood, the blood of the Lamb, the blood of Christ upon every viewer right now. And we release your miracle healing power to touch each one of them from the top of their heads to the soles of their feet.

We bind, break, and render powerless every spirit of infirmity, sickness, and disease, discouragement, depression, anxiety. We bind, break, and render powerless every kind and every type of satanic life that is at home and at work in their bodies or even in their minds and emotions.

We cast it out into the abyss, and we lock it up with a judgment key of Christ. And we release the miracle-working power of the Spirit to witness into their bodies, into their emotions, into their minds, into every part of their being, with miraculous results. In Jesus’ mighty name, amen.

– Amen. Thank you so much for being with us today, Andrew. God bless you. Thank you for being with us.

– Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure.

– Thank you. God bless you.


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